15 Top Brands In Pakistan- The Game Changer Of Fashion Industry

Let us have a look at some of the top clothing brands in Pakistan. I still remember when people used to rush to Adidas, Gucci, and other foreign Top Brands In Pakistan to shop for an upcoming event. These brands are top-notch but guess what? They are super expensive! Probably out of range for the middle class and lower middle class.

There was a time when I picked up a sweatshirt from a brand hoping that it would have a "Made in Pakistan" tag.

But usually, I was disappointed. Most of them were not manufactured in Pakistan. And the ones that were made here had poor quality. 

shopping addiction for women

However, for the past decade, Pakistan's clothing brand game has been quite serious. People are running crazy over Pakistani couture. Especially the Ladies! There is no need to tell how most females have this innate shopping obsession. That keeps these brands running, lol!

Let us look at some of the top clothing brands in Pakistan

  • Agha Noor
  • Limelight
  • J.
  • Sana Safinaz
  • Ethnic
  • Rang Ja
  • Khaadi
  • Sapphire
  • Al-Karam
  • Warda
  • Bareeze
  • Generations
  • ONE
  • Deepak Parwaani
  • Hassan Shehreyar Yaseen (HSY)

Agha Noor

Frankly speaking, I love this brand. Agha Noor was launched in 2011 in Pakistan. The unique thing about Agha Noor is that they bring out new designs every week. They have outlets and branches all over the country. They have an amazing festive collection.

agha noor image

Agha Noor is an example of brilliance. Their dresses are beautifully designed. The intricate pattern on the dresses and vibrant colors attract women of all ages. Most importantly, they offer high-quality dresses at a reasonable price. 

agha noor reviews

Their starting price is Rs.3200, which is fair according to the quality of the fabric. If you go to Agha Noor, make sure to go in the morning because most of their stuff is sold out till evening. This is proof of how much admired their collection is by the ladies of Pakistan.


Limelight has been the centre of attraction since 2010. This brand is true to its name. They have an amazing Pret collection. They also have an unstitched collection. Limelight has been stealing the hearts of women all over the country.

Limelight offers a vast range of products to its customers. Although Limelight sells eastern and western clothing, they have many more products, including bags, jewellery, scarfs, etc. They have a fragrance section as well. Try it out!

limelight review

Limelight has about 55 stores in Pakistan. One reason why women love Limelight is the reasonable price. Their collection starts from Rs.900. Moreover, they put up huge sales every season.


Junaid Jamshed, AKA J., is a pretty famous brand worldwide. It has more than 100 outlets in Pakistan while more than 20 in foreign countries, including the UK, Canada, Australia, etc. The brand is named after its owner, Junaid Jamshed, a highly famous Islamic scholar. 


The most special thing about this brand is that it has a wide range of men's and women's collections. The enchanting perfume collection of Junaid Jamshed is another of its quality. Junaid Jamshed brand offers high-quality fabric with a unique style added to every dress. 


And if you are looking for a kids shalwar kameez for your handsome little boy. J. provides an exclusive shoe collection as well. Their brand is one of its kind. The interesting thing is that it is pretty affordable. The starting price is Rs. 1800.

Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz is another hyped brand name in Pakistan. It was launched in 1989. Today, there are many of its outlets all over the country. The dresses are very elegant. The cuts and colour collection are very appealing. You can't resist buying something once you enter the shop. 

sana safinaz suit

You will get a variety of dresses, including Pret, unstitched and festive collections. Their bridal collection is worth spending on! Their rates are not very high. One can easily afford their dresses. The starting price is Rs. 2490.

sana safinaz review trust pilot


Want to get a little western touch while wearing eastern wear? Go for Ethnic. Ethnic is a relatively new brand. It is an extension of Outfitters, launched in 2013. This brand has got rapid popularity in less time. The dresses are well-stitched and stylish. 

suit image for ethnic

Ethnic is among the highly loved clothes brands in Pakistan. If you want to feel a soothing blend of the eastern and western world, you should check out the collection in Ethnic. The prices are super-affordable. The starting price is Rs. 1250.

ethnic google reviews

Rang Ja

Who is not aware of Rang Ja. I mean, Rang Ja outlet will be the most capturing store in the mall. Because of their vibrant orange-red hues, Rang Ja appeals to women, especially younger women. Rang Ja is considered among the best clothing brands in Pakistan.

rangja suit sample

If you are a person who is always full of life, with a never-ending spark and energy, this brand is for you. You will find a mixture of desi dresses and western styles. If you see someone wearing Rang Ja, the cultural prints will grab your attention at once. And you'll know the brand name without checking the tag. The starting price is Rs. 2000.

rangja reviews


Khaadi is one of the best brands in Pakistan. This brand is famous outside Pakistan as well. Khadi provides a great range of dresses for women of all ages. The colour schemes are quite eye-capturing and sophisticated. They have a huge variety of eastern wear collections.

They always come out with new styles for women. Their collection includes ready-to-wear, unstitched, festive, etc. The stuff includes lawn, khaddar, jacquard, and many more. The price range is affordable. The starting price is Rs. 1800, a very sophisticated price for a huge name like Khaadi.

khaadi reviews


Sapphire is one of the top-rated brands of Pakistan. Sapphire holds an iconic position in Pakistan's textile industry. Women all over the country love Sapphire due to the good quality of their products. The designs and patterns on their dresses are worth applause.

saphire site image

They offer a huge variety, including casual wear, formal wear, party wear, silk tunics, scarves, and unstitched dresses. You can get the cut pieces, if you want, at cheap rates at the outlets as well. So, If you want to add a little spice to your dressing style, check out the collection of Sapphire.

saphire brand reviews


Al-Karam has added a trendy look to eastern wear. The designs are subtle and soft. The color choices are exceptional. Al-Karam has opened its outlets in Pakistan and other countries, including Dubai, Sharjah, the United States, etc. 

AL-Karam has brought innovative trends in the fashion market. The lawn collection Al-Karam is highly slick, with fresh hues and alluring designs. AL-Karam has a variety of products, including stitched, unstitched, and accessories. The price range varies from high to low. 

alkaram brand reviews


Warda was founded in 2006. Since its foundation, Warda has made its way into the fashion industry of Pakistan. Although Warda may not be the best option, it is counted among good women's clothing brands in Pakistan if you want to buy dresses in bulk for casual wear. The dresses are well-stitched. 

warda brand looks

The colour combinations are soft and alluring. The dresses are enhanced by embroidery and intricate designs at the sleeves, bottom, and neckline. Warda is a great place to shop for college and university students as the prices are extremely affordable and quality is promised.

reviews of warda brand


When talking about top brands in Pakistan, Bareeze can not be excluded. This brand was launched in 1985 in Lahore by Seema Aziz. Bareeze is a brand chain that is not only limited to Pakistan, but the ladies of the UK, Dubai, and India also enjoy their services. 

bareeze brand suit ssample

Bareeze is famous for its lawn collection. The stuff of their dresses is of supreme quality. The prints are eye-capturing. One can not resist buying their dresses. Women all over the country love buying Bareeze. You can find ready-made as well as unstitched dresses at Bareeze. So, don't forget to check out Bareeze shopping for this winter!

bareeze brand reviews


As the fashion sense of urban Pakistani women started increasing, Generation was launched in 1983 to fulfil the fashion needs of the women of this century. Generation manages the formal, semi-formal, ready-to-wear, Pret dresses for men and women. 

generation suits

Their dresses give a decent cultural look. The edgy cutline work on their dresses is their unique feature. The solid colour combinations, prints, and embroidered patterns on their dresses attract the attention of their customers. Their festive collection is embellished with a fusion of traditional and modern styles.

reviews for generation brand in pakistan


I am sure you will have heard of this one very often nowadays. Most teenagers prefer wearing cosy and stylish western wear to get a glam look as it is wintertime. ONE is a pure western wear brand that is relatively new, launched in 2016. But in some years, it has gained rapid popularity.

one brand in pakistan

ONE has an amazing range of western wear collections. From jeans to shoes, ONE provides excellent quality products. It is one of the affordable western wear brands in Pakistan. You will find a collection of western wear, gym wear, shoes, and accessories in their outlets. They offer high-quality products at an affordable price range.

Deepak Parwaani 

Deepak Parwaani is a well-known name in the fashion industry of Pakistan. Deepak Parwani is Among the top-notch men's clothing brands in Pakistan. Deepak Parwaani has an exclusive men's wear collection. Deepak Parwani is a great designer.

deepak parwaani brand in pakistan

The brand is named after the designer's name. The designer dresses are beautifully sieved. Some of them are handmade. The expertized cut and chic look of the dresses appeals to women of all ages. You will find ready-to-wear festive and couture here.

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HSY, named after the very famous designer Hassan Shehreyar Yaseen, is a luxury clothing brand. This brand is among the top-selling bridal wear brands in Pakistan. The dresses are adorned with beautiful jewels. HSY is admired all around the country due to its enchanting bridal wear. 

hsy lawn image in pakistan

Although this brand is not cheap, their dresses are worth spending your money on. They have a wide variety of party wear; formals, evening dresses, bridal wear, including Lehenga, Saari, and many more. Shop from HSY for an upcoming event because their dresses will sprinkle glamour wherever you walk from. 

hsy brand in paistan reviews

Zainab Chottani 

Zainab Chottani is another popular name in the designer industry. Zainab Chottani has a huge festive collection that is loved by people all over the country. Their collection includes casual wear, luxury, Prets, and bridal dresses. Beautiful patterns on their quality fabrics, including cambric, cotton, silk, viscose, etc., are praised by the women of this country.   

zainab chottani brand in pakistan

Their bridal dresses are gracefully embellished with motives and jewels. The vibrant colours of the mehndi dresses add a traditional look along with the class. The prices of this brand are a little high as it is a designer brand. But once you buy a dress from them, you will forget how much you paid for it. Forget how much you paid for it!

zainab chottani brand reviews in pakistan

Sales on Brands in Pakistan 2021

The huge sales of brands in Pakistan are the talk of every town nowadays. As the winter season has arrived, many brands have put huge discounts on their dresses. The sales vary from 20% to 70%. It is a perfect time to get your hands on your favourite brand's dresses. The best way is to go to a mall where you can find all brands under one roof and explore your options!


Well, this was all about the top clothing brands in Pakistan. Now don't get confused; these are not the only brands; there is a long, never-ending list. We have provided you with the details of the one we love! The fashion industry of Pakistan is evolving with every passing day. I hope this article was of some help to you. So, go shopping for your favourite brands today!

Happy Shopping!

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