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Parhlo.net is giving you an opportunity to enlighten the world with your thoughts. You write, we publish! We are open to all kinds of blogs. We only demand sincerity and hard work. We appreciate our writer's efforts and always welcome new ideas and perspectives. However, there are some rules of our website that you must follow if you want your article to be published. 

  1. Use easy and understandable language.
  2. Write as if you’re talking to someone so that the reader doesn’t lose interest.
  3. Your article should be clear.
  4. Try using smaller and simple sentences. 
  5. Use headings, subheadings, images, etc to make your writing powerful, attractive, and skimmable. 
  6. Your content should be your own and unique i.e Plagiarism is highly unappreciated!
  7. Don’t try to sell your products as it is not a selling platform. 

These are some super-easy and simple steps you need to follow to write for us. We look forward to working with you! Thanks!